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Chateau Valcombe La Spéciale 2014

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Old Carignan just gives exceptionnal wines...as that one.
Distrikt Côtes du Rhône
Druvor Carignan, Grenache
Fyllighet 9
Fruktsyra 9
Strävhet 9
Tillverkare Valcombe
Artikelnr ChV102
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Avnjutes mellan 2017 - 2022


The Château Valcombe Special Reserve 2013 is a red, well structured wine, fresh and vibrant. It is produced from very old Carignan vines; these plots are tended with great respect.

It is an atypical wine in our range due to the age of the vines and its maturing in oak barrels. This unique wine will be enjoyed by all those who already know our other Valcombe vintages.

Thanks to its freshness and vibrancy it will pep up dishes cooked with sauce or cream as well as poultry (capon, turkey with chestnuts). It will also be a good match with soft cheeses, reblochon, roquefort and blue cheeses.

Will age well over ten years.

Annual production of 6,000 bottles



Situated in the town of Mazan, at an altitude of 250 metres.

The soil clay, limestone and sand based.


Grape Variety:

90% Carignan, 10% Grenache.

Our vines are manually disbudded. Green harvest.

Our grapes are then hand-picked, enabling us to select the best berries.


winemaking and maturing:

The process involves racking and returning. Maturing in oak barrels of 400 liters (5 wines minimum).



Colour: Deep red, garnet-coloured.

Nose: Oak overtones, roasted aromas and notes of vanilla. Slightly lactic then displaying more spicy notes, balsamic and mineral.

Palate: Taut on the palate, marked acidity, great structure. Prevailing oak flavours with undertones of white coffee and caramel.

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The vineyard "Château Valcombe" covers 36 hectares and is situated in the foothills of Mont Ventoux.

As wine lovers, our family business is fully committed to restoring and developing the vineyard, to working in the traditional manner, and to producing wine in full respect of the environment.

The specificity of our terroir combined with the special climate in the Ventoux area give our wines character and a well balanced taste.
Our vineyard is Organic Certified (ECOCERT) since 2013.

Because we are ecologically minded our vineyards are organically grown in perfect harmony with the environment.
Respectful and aware of the natural assets of the terroir , we make sure the vines get the best nature can offer them.

Our philosophy consists in respecting nature and enhancing existing assets. The vines are supported by a high wooden trellis. Our labour is traditional, without using chemicals. Leaf removal, destemming are performed manually and there is no pollarding of the vines.

We have chosen this Château Valcombe domain simply because of the wonderful view of the vineyards, because the landscape is harmonious and gives you a marvellous feeling of well-being.

The average age of the vineyard is of more than 50 years. It is a guarantee of quality . Quality and no quantity is our philosophy. We love powerful wines and concentrate on a few grapes only. We are selective in order to produce the best, and so that the taste of the terroir may be respected and not diluted.


ECOCERT –organic- certification since 2013. The vineyards benefit from mechanical and manual labour without chemicals so that nature and the ecosystem may be preserved and because our ambition is the quality of the grapes, and so the quality of the wine.

The wine depends on the grapes, the terroir, the climate and the winegrower’s work..
Each terroir is unique and that of Château Valcombe is made of various reliefs: high table-land, table-land and soft slopes, and its characteristic is the acidity of the soil.
Our label "Grande Serène", available in the best known restaurants in France, is a fine example.

The Mont Ventoux provides variations of temperatures which give the grapes their character. The sun gives them strength, the storms bring water kept in the deep blue clay seams.

Powerful wines are born from this very special geographical situation, wines with memorable aromas. Our vintages are mouth-watering and your palate will not fail to remember them.


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