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Albariño Contrapunto 2018

Vitt vin från Rias Baixas Spanien

In this harmonious albariño each one of the small sensorial notes has their own melody; once they are combined together the fruit aromas came up with explosion for your senses
Distrikt Rías Baixas
Druvor Albarino
Årgång 2018
Fyllighet 5
Fruktsyra 8
Sötma 1
Tillverkare Bodegas Granbazán
Artikelnr GB105
Lagerstatus 24
I Lager
Avnjutes mellan 2020 - 2022
Per flaska Per låda
(Antal flaskor / låda: 6)

Här redovisar och presenterar vi kända vinskribenters utlåtande om specifika viner. Utöver dessa lägger vi in en egen kommentar när vi har provat samma vin.

Mundus Vini Wine Challenge in Germany: Gold medal Best Rías Baixas

The Granbazán wine project started in 1980 with a clear objective: excellence. This elite grape and fine wine production project started in the smallholdings of Galicia, in the heart of the Salnes Valley. The scientific plantation situated in Tremoedo was built using the best albarino clones sourced from the best vineyards all over Galicia. The vines were grafted year 2. After a deep study of the land, soil, and microclimate, we adapted our vineyards to the most convenient trellis system: “parra” (pergola) for maximum sun exposure, ventilation and separation of the humidity of the soil.The albariño wine had become a myth thanks to both the songs of poets and to the thirst and faith of the people of Cambados, the world albarino capital. However, its consumption and distribution was a big challenge which required guidance and recommendation. Bottles were not labelled and the small family cellars, in spite of their discovery, did not have enough means or knowledge to offer reliable wines.Here, from the origins of Agro de Bazán, we feel proud to have made an active and strong contribution to the most relevant agro-industrial revolution in the history of Galicia; taking the Rías Baixas wines to the top ranks, amongst the best white wines in the world. This is thanks to our role as pioneers in many fields: a strong investment made on hiring a team of technological-oenologists, the development of the cold maceration process, making two types of wine according to the process and quality selection and making the first albariño wine matured in French oak barrels.To sum up, for all these reasons, in particularly due to a professional, creative and strict management, we have been, and still are to this day, a strong reference for white wines from the mythical “Finisterre” cape

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Bodega Granbazán

Bodegas Granbazán  -  Pioneering the quality revolution

The Granbazán story starts in the 1960s when the Otero family bought a parcel of land with a vision of expanding the family's business to fine wines. Twenty years later, they had realized their dream and constructed Granbazán, a magnificent blue tiled Château surrounded by old albariño vineyards. 

The winery, facing north and partially underground to protects the cellar from the sun and maintain a constant temperature and humidity, is located in the Salnés Valley in the heart of the Rías BaixasGalicia, Spain. Granbazán became a pioneering winery, with professional and scientific plantation of the grape variety Albariño and with attention to details and excellence, which led the quality revolution in Galicia  -  what became the designation of the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin.

Since 2017 the owner of Granbazán is Pedro Martínez Hernández, also proprietor of Bodegas BAIGORRI. His investments in the vineyards and cellar technology to improve the quality and excellence, have bared fruit. In February 2020 his Contrapunto Albariño 2017 was awarded the Grand Bacchus de Oro, the highest award in the 2020 edition of the prestigious Bacchus International Wine Competition. The jury also considered the Granbazán label Ambar, as the best white wine for the vintage 2019.

The Bacchus competion is the only international wine competition in Spain recognised by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). 

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