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Carraroa 2015

Rött vin från Ribera del Duero Spanien

Carraroa de milénico comes from a selection of
vineyards of our family on the edges of the
duero river on the hillsides that frame the
valley, on slopes facing south, halfway between
the valley and the highlands
Distrikt Ribera del Duero
Druvor Tempranillo
Årgång 2015
Vatten MINVINO NO 4 PASSAR TILL KRAFTFULLA & SMAKRIKA RÖDA VINER exempelvis en klassisk Rioja eller Chateauneuf de Pape
Fyllighet 9
Fruktsyra 9
Strävhet 9
Tillverkare Arcano Wines
Artikelnr milenico103
Lagerstatus 30
I Lager
Avnjutes mellan 2020 - 2028
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(Antal flaskor / låda: 6)

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Located in Castile and Leon in the northwest of Madrid, our wine Estate is a boutique family owned estate situated in the Duero valley. We are the birthplace of powerful and intense wines, proud representatives of the Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero


Established in 2012, Arcano is a boutique family owned estate situated in the Duero valley producing unique older vintage fine dining wine from our low yielding hills and old vineyards to satisfy the sophisticated palate of wine enthusiasts from around the world.

Arcano excels in the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin with the Tempranillo variety, also known in our region as Tinta del País or Tinta Fina. Our sandy soil hills and the old vines (50 to 100 years old) naturally restrict production to two and three tons per hectare. This results in small richly concentrated berries.

Our older vintage wines show exceptional elegance, finesse, complexity, structure and concentration of fruit. They have been aged in oak barrels for one or two years, bottle aged for a further one to three years and then released. After many months of tasting each barrel, we select the best 10 barrels of the vintage and it goes into our Magnum and Double Magnum. The rest is bottled in 75 cl bottle.

Arcano means recondite as our place of origin is far from main roads, main cities and now disconnected from the old railway line that once was so important. As we ironically say, our village, San Martín de Rubiales (41º 38” 33´N- 3º 59” 35´W) only appears in very very good printed maps. This is one of the reasons why the Arcano label has a fading map in the background connecting us with the world.

The village was founded around the year 900, in a location close to a hill believed to house a medieval fortress by the Duero river, then border of the emerging county of Castille.

Before the arrival of philoxera at the beginning of the XX century, the village had close to 1000 inhabitants and was surrounded by “lagares” and “bodegas”, the ancestor of what we now call wineries. These were the days of our great- grandparents, when most of the fields of the valley and the moorlands were covered by vineyards.

At present our village counts less than 100 inhabitants and the vines and the wines are a way to keep many centuries of tradition and connection to our birthplace.

With the support of our elders who grew their vines until they could no longer do so, we resumed their commitment to the vineyard as part of an inheritance that has been passed down from generation to generation.


Our way of making wine begins in the vineyard with a philosophy that aims to obtain from the vine a natural product, free of most of the interventions that nowadays are the norm in modern agriculture.

We aim to create wines with a soul that proudly reflects their origin. We carry out every stage of the production manually, both in the vineyards and the cellars with great respect for the environment, the land, and the fruit.

We work with nature and offer only minimal interference with natural processes. Intervening as little as possible we let the grapes fully express themselves as they transmute into wine.

We do not use chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemical substances in our fields because our commitment is to keep the vineyard´s ecosystem alive and to make organic wines in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

We have been consistently practicing over many years organic farming practices. For many vineyards established in the 90´s they have grown from plantation under organic practices and for the oldest ones, they have undergone a gradual transition for a number of years. We have also been practicing dry farming methods on the hills which have forced the plants to go deeper for water and nutrients.

We developed a model where the vineyard naturally adapts and becomes strong in the face of adversity thus allowing the grape and wine as their natural off spring to be a natural reflection of the land, the environment and the vineyard.

The harvest period for each vineyard is decided independently depending on the specific status of the grapes and the weather conditions of each vintage. Usually the harvest period is between the end of September and the end of October.

This allows us to select the grapes which are fully ripe at their best.

Our vineyards are in the frontier between the red clay lands to the West of the Ribera and the white lands of the East. These are in general poor soils, rich in lime from the Miocene period (23 to 15 million years ago). The tops of the hills are white calcareous soil whereas its base is red clay soil. Most of our hills are located in early tertiary period slopes that connect the Duero Valley at above 800 meters, with the moorlands at above 900 metres. These hills are a complex and varied mix of sandstones, limestone and lutites.

It is a dry land where only species well adapted to extreme conditions of drought and temperatures can survive. We are reforesting some hills with local species such as Quercus, Rosa Canina, Spartium junceum, Salvia officinalis, Santolina, Lavandula, etc in order to protect diversity and erosion of the relevant slopes.

The local fauna – which includes, hares, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer, hedgehogs, hawks and owls – is growingly present as the humans flock to the cities and nature reconquers spaces that have seen intensive human intervention in the last millennia.


Our wines are “made” in the vineyard as they follow a natural transformation that includes fermentation with native yeasts, low-sulfur practices and absence of chemical compounds.

We handpick the grapes and place them in boxes that are taken to the winery, where they are cooled before being destalked. The grapes follow a cold maceration for a few days before alcoholic fermentation starts in stainless steel tanks. 


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