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Chateau Guiraud 1er Grand Cru Sauternes 2013 375ml

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This wondeful Sauternes from Chateau Guiraud, its a wine full of fruits’ aromas, which will show all its finesse and elegance.
Distrikt Bordeaux
Druvor Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon
Årgång 2013
Fyllighet 8
Fruktsyra 10
Sötma 9
Tillverkare Chateau Guiraud
Artikelnr CG 102
Lagerstatus 0
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Avnjutes mellan 2016 - 2030

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The exuberant flavours burst forth with such sensuality that one hesitates before swallowing to prolong the taste sensations. Guiraud's sweetness melts in the mouth, the aftertaste is always fresh.

The initial taste impressions come through again marvellously on the finish, and the pleasure goes on and on. This is the key to understanding Guiraud. It is all about pleasure. Everything possible is done with one ideain mind: to make the greatest possible wine, year after year, for the enjoyment of wine lovers around the world.

Tasting note by Xavier Planty, co-owner and manager

«With a promising start of the harvests, Château Guiraud’s 3rd vintage certified as Organic was about to become an exceptional vintage. Ideal climatic conditions, an intense and rapid concentration and development of Botrytis: 2013 is very similar to the 2001 vintage. It has almost the same structure – a great aromatic complexity and a high purity – but with less concentration. 2013 is clearly a great vintage! » 

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The " Noble House of Bayle " used to be estate's name when it belonged to the Mons Saint-Poly family. A notarial deed dated 22 February 1766 reveals that Pierre Guiraud, a Bordeaux merchant of Protestant faith, bought it for 53,000 livres.

On his death in 1799 his son Louis succeeded him. It was under Louis Guiraud that the estate was saved from a severe devaluation which had begun in 1793, becoming a famous château well known for its wine.

On his death in 1837, his son Pierre-Aman inherited a well-established property, with a value estimated at 250,00 livres.

Within 80 years and three generations, various families succeeded each other as owners of the estate. The legend was born in1855 when Château Guiraud became a Premier Grand Cru de Sauternes.

45 km south from Bordeaux, on the left bank of the Garonne river, Château Guiraud extends over 128 hectares. The whole estate is located in the village of Sauternes which is quite remarkable.

The harvest

For the harvest to start the grape must reach a minimum potential alcohol level of 20°c. Grape samples are daily collected at different states of rot - roast berries, botrytised berries, semi roasted, fat botrytis, berries just starting to show signs of botrytisation. These samples tell about the level of potential alcohol and hence the maturity of each plot and the vineyards state of health.

The volume produced from a harvest at Guiraud is between 12-13 hl/ha, even though the law in the appellation Sauternes-Barsac allows up to 25hl/ha. The reason for this low yield is that high quality rather than quantity is our goal

The Ecologic Philosophy

Château Guiraud didn’t use any chemical and pesticides products for manyyears.We have recreated a real biodiversity thanks to natural process of culture,planting 5 km of row along the vineyard tofacilitate the integrated struggle with animalRaces, by privileging the genetic diversity(we graft and plant ourselves 40.000 vinesper year in our greenhouse), practising a management ofnatural undergrass and studying for grape diversity in our Conservatory which regroup 100 different varieties. For 25 years, Château Guiraud tries hard to apply methods which contribute to the creation of awell-balanced ecosystem where varietals and alive Races can coexist together.

Our wines are at this level of exigency…

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