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Domaine Les Grandes Vignes Anjou La Varenne du Poirier Bio AOC 2016

Vitt vin från Anjou Loire Frankrike

This wonderful Chenin Blanc is very baianced, soft and smooth, together it´s very tasty, there are flavors as yellow plum, beeswax, lemon, grapefruit and herbs.
Distrikt Loire
Druvor Chenin Blanc
Årgång 2016
Fyllighet 6
Fruktsyra 10
Sötma 1
Tillverkare Domaine Les Grandes Vignes
Artikelnr DGV 105
Lagerstatus 0
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Avnjutes mellan 2018 - 2024

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Tasting Notes

Eye: Golden yellow as a quince juice.

Nose: Aromas of ripe (plum) and stewed

Palate: Fruity crisp, beautiful dense and delicate outfits.

Harmony with food: Accompanies fish Loire sauce, white meatand cream cheese, Serve at 8 ° C.

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Gassås Wine

The earth, in all its nobility and simplicity, often tells great stories. The Domaine des Grandes Vignes in the seventeenth century and marks the full success of the transmission of family land for generations.

The vines we grow in organic farming and biodynamic extend over 55 ha are planted Chenin grape variety for white, Cabernet Franc for the reds and Grolleau, Gamay, Cabernet for the rosé.


Biodynamics allows us a comprehensive approach of the plant and theenvironment on the basis of the influences that come from the Earth, air andwater. The goal is that vines flourish in the best possible environment, making itless susceptible to parasites and will help limit cupric porridge and sulphurapplications.

As a priority, we develop microbial soil life so that the roots draw all usefulelements. Then, we foster the development of many annuals and perennials, herbsthat provide a favourable ecosystem biodiversity. We are also attentive to therhythm of the planets and adapt some of the work, including the work of the soil,in order to take advantage of favorable influences. The vine becomes moreresistant and some applications of herbal teas, small doses of copper and sulphurmixtures allow us to obtain beautiful and regular crops.

All of this work in intelligence with our environment brings very interesting resultsat the level of the quality of the wines but also at the human level. It is indeed a great pleasure to feel in harmony with nature.

In the cellar, we don't intervene that very little about wines, no exogenous input aswell as little of transfers.Except for the sweet wines of Coteaux du Layon and Bonnezeaux (4 mg/L ofSO2), all our wines are no added sulphite glued and unfiltered except for pine 'water from the Loire and 100% pink Groslot containers of residual sugars, whichthem are filtered to a bottling guaranteeing any risk of reboot in fermentation

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Bildresultat för Domaine Les Grandes Vignes

Domaine Les Grandes Vignes  -  Organic and Biodynamic

The Domaine Les Grandes Vignes was established by the Vaillant family in the 17th century. Since then the Vaillant family has passed on family lands from generation to generation. 

Located in Thouarcé in the Loire Valley, the Domaine offers 55 hectares of vines, planted with white Chenin grapes, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, and Pineau d'Aunis for reds and Cabernets  and Grolleau for the rosés. 

All the vineyard is farmed without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or insecticides, and are certified organic and Biodynamic (AB and Demeter certified).

To be referred as Biodynamic the vineyard must practice organic methods for a minimum of three years, before it can achieve certification through the worldwide organization Demeter. The entire vineyard must be certified and is inspected annually to ensure that the Demeter standard is being met. Members of this prestigious group are proud to label their wines Biodynamical - as the guidelines for producing them are extremely strict.

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