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Malvira Roero Arneis Vigna Renesio

Vitt vin från Piemonte Italien

Distrikt Piemonte
Druvor Roero Arneis
Vatten MINVINO NO 2 PASSAR TILL FYLLIGA OCH SMAKRIKA VITA VINER som vit Rioja och ekfatslagrad chardonnay
Fyllighet 6
Fruktsyra 9
Sötma 1
Tillverkare Malvira
Artikelnr Malvira110
Lagerstatus 12
I Lager
Avnjutes mellan 2018 - 2021
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(Antal flaskor / låda: 6)

Här redovisar och presenterar vi kända vinskribenters utlåtande om specifika viner. Utöver dessa lägger vi in en egen kommentar när vi har provat samma vin.

Gassås Wine

Our story and philosophy, 
from the Roero

Our winery began its production in the 1950's under the guidance of Giuseppe Damonte. Giuseppe was a visionary, understanding that in the 50's, the Roero had not yet maximized its vineyard and thus grape-growing potential. Today the estate is run by Massimo and Roberto Damonte, Guiseppe’s sons, who inherited their father’s passion for winemaking. 

Despite constant growth in production and exposure to new markets, the winery still is a family business. Malvira benefits directly from the involvement of Federica and Patrizia Damonte, the wives of Massimo and Roberto-Patrizia runs a 13 room luxury hotel and restaurant on the property.

See www.villatiboldi.it.

Currently, the two brothers split the responsibilities, Massimo managing the vineyards and Roberto in the cellar. Giacomo, Roberto and Patrizia’s son, is also part of the family business. To date, he attends the enology school in Alba, with plans to continue the family business into the new generation. 

Massimo's children are Lucia, Francesco and Pietro, and are currently attending elementary school. The family and staff members at Malvira are a passionate group, living off the collaborations and enthusiasm from each other. Above all, each member of the Malvira "family" has a primary idea to make wines that transcend the Roero area in its purest and most elegant form.

Our Vineyards

The Roero region is especially interesting as the land and soil here has a rich and varied history. The district of Roero is approximately 350 km and contains 23 comunes or townships. The name Roero comes from the Conti-Roero family who lived the area in the 14th century, however, the identity of the territory dates back before the year 1000. Even before the year 1000 AD, the entire "Roero area" was completely covered by sea. This history gives us the sandy and calcareous soil that is found throughout the area. In fact, it’s quite common to see fossils poking their heads out of the many vineyard sites.

We are very proud of every one of our vineyards. We use the utmost care and attention in all of them, maintaining the soil and vineyard treatments our ancestors have used from generation to generation.

Our Trinità vineyard
contains Nebbiolo, Arneis, Favorita, Chardonnay and a small part of Barbera. The Nebbiolo vines are planted on top of the hill while the Arneis is planted more towards the bottom. Our winery is located at the base of this 14 hectare vineyard, with Villa Tiboldi located in the heart of the vineyard. The Villa was inaugurated in 2004.
The soil of this vineyard is made of layers of calcareous clay and sand. The exposition of the vineyard is south and south-west and entered the Damonte family in 1986. We make our Roero Arneis Trinità and our Roereo Riserva Trinità from this vineyard. The vineyard is named for the small church which sits on top of the hill in the middle of the Trinità vineyard. 

Our Renesio vineyard
This particular vineyard is characterized by the two rows of cypress tress that were planted to look a bit like Tuscany. The vineyards name however, Renesio, is responsible for the naming of the grape Arneis-which became a docg in 2005. The soil is made of calcareous clay, and the vineyard is located in Canale with a south facing exposition. In 2007, Renesio became our vineyard. On the top of the hill of Renesio there is a 250 year old house which we plan to restructure for touristic use. The vineyard is 300 meters in altitude and stretches about 4.5 hectares. We make both Roero Arneis Renesio and Roero Riserva Renesio from this vineyard.

Our Saglietto vineyard
This vineyard is dedicated to only white grapes; mainly Arneis, and small amounts of Favorita and Sauvingon Blanc. The soil is made of calcareous clay which is the ideal soil for Arneis. The vineyard stretches 5 hectares, and is named for the localita-Saglietto, a very small fraction of the village Canale. Saglietto is located right below Renesio, in fact, the vineyard "protrudes" from Renesio and is south facing while parts of the hill face south-east and parts face south-west. The site is about 200 meters in altitude. We make our Roero Arneis Saglietto from this vineyard.

Our San Michele vineyard
This vineyard is located in the historic hills of Canale, and has a little church on top, dedicated to the patron saint, Michael. The soil is made of calcareous clay, and is especially good for cultivating Barbera. The vineyard is composed of 80 year old vines, and the exposition of the vineyard is south-facing while its altitude is 300 meters. The vineyard measures 1 hectare. Both of our Barbera d'Albas; our Superiore and San Michele come from this vineyard.

Out San Guglielmo vineyard
This vineyard is very special to us and is Malvira's most historic vineyard as it was the property of Roberto and Massimo's grandparents on their mothers side. After returning back to Piemonte from the USA, where they immigrated for work, this vineyard was the first thing they bought. The vineyard is named for the church, San Guglielmo, that was destroyed in 1200. The vineyard shares a border with our Trinità vineyard and has always been planted with Barbera and Bonarda Piemontese and Nebbiolo. We continue to blend this combination together for this particular wine, San Guglielmo. The exposition of the vineyard faces south, measures 3 hectares and the soil is a blend of calcareous clay and sand. 

Our Mombeltramo vineyard
This 1.5 hectare was the first vineyard purchase made by Guiseppe Damonte, Roberto and Massimo’s father. This vineyard is only planted with Nebbiolo. The soil of Mombeltramo is more calcareous than our Trinità vineyard and its exposition is more east. The wines from this vineyard are particularly oustere in their first years of life, and become softer over time. These wines have a long aging potential. The name Mombeltramo is also a name that comes from the localita, the small fraction of the nearest village, Canale.

Our Boiolo vineyard
Since 2007 we own a small vineyard within the commune of La Morra, the Boiolo vineyard. The small road that parts from the town center separates Boiolo from the famous Brunate. The first vineyard facing east, while the other faces south, with rows extending at an altitude ranging from 370-400 m above sea level. Formerly the parcels were owned by the husband of our sister Gianna. We replanted the vineyard in 2007, and the 0,89 hectares of this vineyard gives us a few thousand bottles of great quality per year.

VineyardVigneto RoeroGrape

Our hospitality:
agriturismo Villa Tiboldi

Located also within our Trinità vineyard is our gorgeous agriturismo, Villa Tiboldi.
Surrounded by beautiful gardens and a panoramic view, Villa Tiboldi towers over a theatre of vineyards. 

Staying at Villa Tiboldi is like a trip back to the past, where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery or spend your day actively visiting all the neighboring wineries. Nebbiolo and Arneis grapes surround the beautiful villa, the hay barn and the keeper's house. 

Villa Tiboldi offers the amenities of today, and the memories of the past with warm and comfortable rooms. It is a place where you will be welcomed with the friendliness and conviviality of the Roero People.

For more informations visit www.villatiboldi.it

Hospitality in Roero: Villa Tiboldi
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