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Parcela Mandiles 2017

Rött vin från Jumilla Spanien

When it was planted, 65 years ago, the basels were angled to face northwards so that the roots would always be in the shade of the shoots and leaves in order to survive years of scare rainfall.
Distrikt Jumilla
Druvor Monastrell
Årgång 2016
Vatten MINVINO NO 4 PASSAR TILL KRAFTFULLA & SMAKRIKA RÖDA VINER exempelvis en klassisk Rioja eller Chateauneuf de Pape
Fyllighet 10
Fruktsyra 10
Strävhet 10
Tillverkare Bruma del Estrecho de Marin
Artikelnr VE106
Lagerstatus 6
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Avnjutes mellan 2019 - 2026

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Mandiles is Estrecho de Marín’s star vineyard par excellence. Located in the south of DO Jumilla it is comparable to a wise elder who knows how to deal with any situation life throws at it.

When it was planted, 65 years ago, the basels were angled to face northwards so that the roots would always be in the shade of the shoots and leaves in order to survive years of scare rainfall.

The vines sink their roots deep in search of moisture in the fathomless soils and manage to survive hailstorms, plagues and all types of adverse conditions. Mandiles is a wine full of character, yet is delicate, fresh, mineral, and boasts excellent balance in the mouth.

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Gassås Wine: 65 years old very good taste
Robert Parker: 2014 Good value for money
There are two single-vineyard bottlings, one Monastrell and one Cabernet Sauvignon. The Monastrell is the 2014 Bruma del Estrecho Finca Mandiles from the south of Jumilla, the drier part of the appellation which gave minimal yields of some 1,000 kilos per hectare in 2014. The grapes from these 60-year-old ungrafted vines were hand-picked unusually early in the morning to avoid the heat, and fermented in a 5,000-liter oak vat with indigenous yeasts for some 17 days, where the wine matured for a further eight months. This feels riper, more powerful, and a little more predictable with the notes of esparto grass and Mediterranean herbs. There is more to it in the palate too, more complete and intense. These four Monastrell wines are easily recognizable as Jumilla, faithful to the place and grape and pretty good value. 5,000 bottles were filled in June 2015. Viña Elena is a traditional winery from Jumilla created back in 1948. But there is a brand new range under the name Brumas in partnership with Isio Ramos, brother of Laura Ramos from Envínate. They have bottled four different Monastrell wines and one pure Cabernet Sauvignon (which they label as 100% non-Monastrell!). An exciting addition to the poor landscape of quality wines from Jumilla. I tasted the first vintage of these wines which represent 35,000 bottles in the total output of 300,000 bottles form the winery, but in the future they could increase production to a limit of around 50,000 bottles. Considering 2014 is an extremely challenging vintage in the zone when many vineyards never achieved proper ripeness, the results are impressive. A new name to follow up. For now the wines are not exported to the US, so prices are approximated based on retail prices in Spain. So far they are good value.


This exceptional project is the personal brainchild of Elena Pacheco and Isio Ramos aimed at making 100% Monastrell wines from select DO Jumilla vineyards.

Using vineyard husbandry and winemaking techniques acquired from local viticulturists, they skilfully craft their wines to reach their full expression with regard to microclimate, soil, location, and the age of the vines.


The project’s foundations are firmly rooted in two vinos de paraje (wines from micro-plots): Marín and Las Chozas (in the south and in the north of DO Jumilla, respectively) and four regular-sized plots: Mandiles, Navajuelos, Vereda and Particiones. Given the dynamism of our project, the 2015 vintage includes wines from two new plots, Vereda and Particiones, and excludes Finca El Calvario.

A wine is defined by the powerful influence of the climate. As a result, there will always be years in which the character of the vineyard cannot be defined or marked – if this happens then those plots are not used to make wine that year. Each individual Monastrell plot produces a wine that has its very own marked, personal character – distinct from other plots, whether due to its location, altitude, age of the vines, type of soil, viticulture, etc. And this is what we want our wines to express – honest wines – if a plot doesn’t live up to expectations in any given year then we don’t use its grapes to make our wines. Because we aim to get the best out of our plots, we actively collaborate with our viticulturists in their daily work in order to control the outcome.

For us, it’s paramount that the different soils (sandy, rocky, and chalky), the age of the vineyard, the altitude, and whether the grapes come from a colder or warmer region can all be appreciated when our wines are tasted. We want our wines to express the characteristics that make them unique, in all their glory. That’s why some of them spend very little time in oak. We only age wines that show outstanding potential, and then just enough not to mask any distinctive features.


DO Jumilla’s soils are extremely diverse, with perhaps the most abundant type being rocky, chalky soils which give rise to warm, robust wines. However, the DO also boasts sandy soils with good drainage that, given their greater elasticity, confer greater freshness and sophistication to the wines. These more delicate, less robust wines boast more elegant nuances, which is the best and most surprising aspect about a well-crafted Monastrell, without the need to over-ripen the grapes or to make an excessively robust, sweet or heavy wine. The aim being to produce balanced nuances, good acidity, refreshing fruitiness, and not-so-mature wines that aficionados go back to and enjoy drinking again and again.


Elena Pacheco

Elena was born in Jumilla in April 1973. She studied economics at university until she decided to take charge of the family bodega; a decision that would change the course of her career and lead her to specialise in Viticulture and Oenology and to obtain a Master’s Degree in Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Marketing.
She has spent most of her life moving between Jumilla and the Estrecho de Marín, where the family-run bodega, founded by her grandfather in 1948 and now run by Elena, is located. Her passion and love for the Monastrell grape, the distinctive essence of Jumilla, and her enthusiasm for making premium wines from the variety, was inherited from her predecessors. Elena’s experience in the wine industry spans more than twenty years. Currently, she also runs the agricultural society, Casa de los Ardachos, which is primarily dedicated to olives, almonds and vineyards, and manages more than 200 hectares of her own property.

Isio Ramos

Isio was born in Santiago de la Ribera in September 1974. He has been dedicated to wine distribution since 2004 and has been a member of theWine & Spirit Education Trust since 2006. Although his passion for wine came late in the day, his perseverance, enterprising spirit and interest have turned him into an expert wine connoisseur and taster.
After many years of collaborating with Elena in her Asia project, they developed the idea of collaborating in a project to make wines from Monastrell boasting an “unmasked” identity. Wines that express the region they are from, with a marked style fashioned by both Elena and Isio’s understanding of wine.
This project adds another dimension to their respective careers in their quest for continued learning and giving back a little of what the wine industry has given them: friendship, passion, knowledge, and sacrifice.


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