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Rallo Rujari 2017

Rött vin från Sicilien Italien

The Rujari from Perricone grapes, it is aged in barrels for more than one year. It is a well body red wine, elegant with particular and rare organoleptic qualities typical of its terroir. In the nose it is spicy, with intense juniper and black pepper. In the mouth there are the classic red fruits, including the Marasca, the currant, plums and cherries.
Distrikt Sicilien - Alcamo
Druvor Perricone
Årgång 2016
Vatten MINVINO NO 3 PASSAR TILL STRAMA & KOMPLEXA RÖDA VINER från t ex Priorat och Bordeaux samt MJUKA & BÄRIGA RÖDA VINER som pinot noir
Fyllighet 9
Fruktsyra 9
Strävhet 9
Tillverkare Cantine Rallo
Artikelnr CR101
Lagerstatus 24
I Lager
Avnjutes mellan 2019 - 2025
Per flaska Per låda
(Antal flaskor / låda: 6)

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Wine Enthusiast
Rujari from the recognized Sicilian producer Rallo. A unique organic bright red wine purely made from Perricone grapes. One of the top wines from this winery, made from a selection of the best red grapes of the year and aged for one year in oak casks to develop its delicate tannins.
Wine Enthusiast


We are in Alquam (muddy earth),the mellow land where beats the heart of Sicilian western winemaking. But we are also in the border with Monreale, the old Arab village situated on the slopes of Mount Caputo. Between these two towns Alcamo and Monreale, one of the properties of Rallo - Patti Piccolo – is located with 100 hectares of vineyards.
The original small vineyards, today restructured and enlarged, is a modern and efficient agricultural company of 100 hectares, of which 68 of vineyards, 12 of seeds, 7 of olives trees, 10 of woods and 3 of streets.
Healthy grapes ripen in a climate characterized by extreme temperature changes between day and night and between one season and another. The Agribiocert society of Bologna is responsible for the organic certification.



The city of Marsala is the historical site of Rallo where the technical and commercial offices of the estate are located. In Marsala Rallo owns a property of 10 hecaters – Piane Liquide - which is situated near the natural reserve of Stagnone. In a place where land and sea merge into a seamless continuum, where the sun is reflected in the marvellous saline.



We moved from the hinterland to the coast and now we sail from the coast to an island, much smaller than the first and further south: Pantelleria. The lava stone walls, the small olive trees along with the vineyards, are the protagonists of the landscape of the island.
On the island of Pantelleria, Rallo owns two hectares of vineyards, overlooking the Lake of Venere. 
The Zibibbo, from the Arab name Zabib, is the grape used for the production of the famous Passito, the dessert wine which made Sicily renowned in the world of wine. The property in Pantelleria is called Bugeber. The vineyards are trained in small hollows to preserve the berries from the hot and the African wind. Moscato grapes provide an exceptional source of intense and aromatic bouquet.
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Cantine Rallo

History - deeply rooted in the present, since 1860

Don Diego Rallo began his entrepreneurial venture in the world of wine in 1851founding the Cantine Rallo wine estate in 1860, the year of the unity of Italy. It was the time of Garibaldi and of the Marsala, the star of Sicilian winemaking at the time and a wineappreciated all over the world.

In 1997, after more than a century of history, the Vesco family, owner of a flourishing agricultural estate situated in the heart of the D.O.P.Alcamo, bought the company, combining the two estates.  In an ambitious project with great attention to detail and respecting the heritage of this historic brand, the Vesco family turned Cantine Rallo into a modern estate, making it yet again a reference point on the map of Sicilian wine.

Since April 2010 Cantine Rallo has been operating as a “Società Agricola”, the most appropriate legal status for an estate that has always dedicated itself exclusively to the promotion of its agricultural production. Andrea Vesco runs the winery with expert knowledge and commitment, personally and meticulously attending to all the stages of productionfrom the cultivation of the grapes to the bottling of the wine.

Rallo is synonymous with quality, reliability and authenticity and is one of the oldest and most famous brands of Italian winemaking. Producing elegant and fragrant table wines, austere fortified Marsala wines and sweet and aromatic Passiti, for more than one hundred fifty years, Rallo has succeeded in staying young and fresh through unwavering commitment to its values and continuous research. 

Today, Rallo stands for the best expressions of western Sicilian winemaking, producing the typical varieties of the province of Trapani, the most eclectic, suitable and planted terroir of  Italy. The winery focuses its commitment on a number of selected varieties, generating the fullpotential of each one: Grillo, is close to the sea in Marsala, Catarratto and Nero d’Avolacultivated on the fine and famous hills of Alcamo, Moscato, is protected from the constantwinds on the island of Pantelleria, the black pearl of the Mediterranean.

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